About Me
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   I was born and raised in Everett Washington. With a mechanic for a father, I quickly became a car kid, working on car and boat restoration. Naturally, when I hit school I was drawn to the wood and metal shops that would provide me with a great deal of mechanical and sculpting knowledge. In high school, a friend introduced me to 3ds Max 5 and I instantly fell in love with modeling. With this new tool I could create any object I could dream of; it was incredible. I took every related class I could in high school, including engineering.

   After high school I pursued modeling further in a college close to where I lived: Henry Cogswell College. Henry Cogswell was a Digital Art and Engineering school founded by Boeing back in the 1980's. After an intense year there, they announced that the school was closing.

   However the sister college in Silicon Valley, Cogswell Polytechnical, offered me a very generous scholarship. I took up their offer and went down to California for 3 years, making friends with industry professionals and colleagues alike. In the summers during college, I was interning at companies such as Clinareo and Zipper Interactive. Both provided me with a great insight into human anatomy as well as game design.

Ever since I first started with 3d, its been my passion/obsession.